Powering Hope Through Business Recovery in Communities After Disaster

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We are a nonprofit organization focused on supporting economic recovery in the wake of disasters. We facilitate the development of an alternative business district to allow for small business owners to get back to work sooner, establish a community center with goods and services, and drive money back into the local community.

The alternative business district supports the whole community through the creation of new jobs to install and maintain the center, the faster return of existing jobs, and the restoration of a sense of community and normalcy. 

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Are you a company that is looking to help restore an affected community? We are always looking for a variety of supplies and equipment for our alternative business districts, from large to small.

We are always looking for a variety of talents to help to dream of better ways, put those dreams into action, and help communities get back to business!


A fire lily is a flowering plant that can't send out seeds until it's burned by a wildfire. The fire lily is very quick to seed, grow, and flower, and is often the first re-growth in a burned forest. The FireLily Foundation embraces the idea of being ready to bloom and works to be the first "blossom" of hope for communities struggling to heal.

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